4oceanCleaning the ocean and coastlines, one pound at a time.

AfreshAfresh is the Fresh-first supply chain company--uses cutting-edge A.

AMP RoboticsMaking recycling sustainable so it can better serve our society and our planet

Apeel SciencesWorking with nature to improve access to quality produce and fight food waste.

Arvia TechnologyTargeted on-site removal of organic contaminants and colour from industrial water.

Blue Planet Environmental SolutionsBlue Planet Environmental Solution provides sustainable and socially inclusive end-to-end environmental solutions.

ByFusionByFusion turns plastic pollution into a building solution.

CalixSolving global challenges

Cambrian InnovationClean water. Clean energy.

CompologyCompology: the only camera-based dumpster monitoring solution built for waste, recycling and compost

CopiaCopia’s technology allows businesses to safely donate their excess food, access tax deductions & track food waste data.

Elvis & Kresse"Rescuing raw materials from landfill since 2005 & transforming them through worldclass craftsmanship into ethically handcrafted " #sustainable luxury accessories.

FlashfoodSave money while reducing food waste

FoodcloudWe are a social enterprise matching businesses with surplus food to local charities and community groups.

FOX-TECH Co.FOX-TECH CO. provides IoT solution to help business optimize their operations, increase safety and quality through data analytics on the go.

FreecycleThe Freecycle is a non-profit organization that organizes a network of gifting groups aimed at diverting reusable goods from landfills.

Imperfect FoodsWe deliver groceries on a mission to eliminate food waste and build a better food system for everyone.

IntelliDigestAutomated/modular onsite anaerobic food waste upcycler for maximising value from unavoidable food waste

Isidore Electronics RecyclingElectronics recycler dedicated to hiring & training people coming out of the CA prison system.

KarmaDedicated to battling one of the world’s largest climate issues; food waste.

KitroReducing food costs and wasted resources for the hospitality industry.

MimicaCreating accessible, affordable freshness indicators for all types of perishable products, from food to pharmaceuticals

Misfits MarketAlways fresh, sometimes normal.

OlioAn app connecting neighbours to share surplus food, and other household items, for free.

OmdenaA global platform where AI experts & aspiring data scientists collaborate to build AI solutions.

Plastic BankWe're gathering one billion people together to stop ocean plastic and alleviate extreme poverty.

Ranmarine / WastesharkRanMarine Technology is a drone technology company from The Netherlands.

Recycling TechnologiesChanging the story of plastic with Feedstock Recycling.

ReFEDReFED is a multi-stakeholder nonprofit committed to reducing U.

Rheaply Get the most out of your assets

SEaBWaste to Energy in a patented design - Using shipping containers to convert organic waste to biogas, water & fertiliser

SnactSnact is a producer and supplier of gluten-free fruit jerkies.

Spoiler AlertBetter manage excess food inventory.

String BioSmart Science. Clean World

The Great Bubble BarrierThe Bubble Barrier creates a barrier stopping plastics from flowing past while allowing fish and ships to pass through the barrier unimpeded.

The Ocean CleanupDeveloping advanced technologies to rid the world's oceans of plastic.

The Waste TransformersTurn organic (food)waste into energy, heat & fertilizer, all on your own site in a containerized Waste Transformer.

Too Good to GoFighting Food Waste Together

UBQ MaterialsAn advanced waste conversion technology and The Most Climate Positive Material on Earth 🌍

WISErgWISErg is a hybrid technology company specializing in technology, waste management and resource conservation.

YumeThe first Australian online marketplace for high quality excess food.