2NDNATURE2NDNATURE makes it easy for cities to benchmark, manage and improve the quality of their urban waterways

AquabyteAquabyte builds software to solve the world’s food sustainability issues.

Carnegie Clean EnergyClean energy technology development

DesalitechDesalitech develops reverse osmosis systems, providing an efficient and cost-effective water supply and wastewater treatment solution.

DesolenatorSolving water, sustainably.

EcoDroneEcoDrone designs wind and solar powered autonomous marine drones aimed to collect Ocean Data and coastal monitoring.

Oasys WaterOasys Water develops energy and resource recovery products that address the growing, global water crisis.

Pelagic Data SystemsPelagic Data Systems: Data Solutions For The Marine World.

SaildroneSaildrone designs, manufactures, and operates a global fleet of wind-powered ocean drones to monitor our planet.

SofarWe build accessible ocean sensing and exploration tools for ocean enthusiasts, industry, and conservation.

Upstream TechPowering smart conservation on a changing planet

Zero Mass Watersunlight + air = water