Brayton Energy

Brayton Energy is an innovative R&D firm dedicated to making meaningful contributions in the field of environmentally responsible, sustainable energy production.

Founded in 2004 by engineers with a shared passion for developing new and better energy technologies, Brayton Energy is an innovative R&D firm dedicated to sustainable and efficient energy production. We specialize in design, prototyping, and testing of turbomachinery and gas turbine systems. We strive to apply these skills to alternative energy systems, including concentrated solar power, energy storage, pebble bed reactors, hybrid vehicles, and aircraft propulsion. Our 28,000 sf (2600 sq. m) offices, laboratory, and manufacturing center is located at a uniquely informal waterfront campus in Hampton, NH, approximately 40 miles north of Boston. Brayton’s technical staff of 35 engineers, designers and laboratory technicians have expertise in the design and development of advanced thermodynamic cycles and gas turbine engines. Our skills include the design and test of specialized components employed in these cycles, including turbines, compressors, low emissions combustors, and high temperature compact heat exchangers. Having served more than eighty clients, Brayton engineers have delivered a wide range of designs and hardware. The most unique characteristic of the Brayton team is our ability to focus analytical skills, experienced mechanical design engineers, and practical manufacturing staff on the most challenging technical problems within the energy sector. We offer innovative problem solving and seek the opportunity to build and test special purpose equipment.