Low cost, globally scalable, natural carbon sequestration

C-Combinator is focused on collecting, processing and growing seaweed profitably at scale. Founded in January 2020, C-Combinator is a for profit spinout of the Climate Foundation led by world renowned ocean scientist Dr. Brian von Herzen, PhD. After nearly a decade of R&D, Brian and his team at The Climate Foundation are ready to implement his patented and proprietary ideas at full scale commercialization. A multifaceted plan to first harvest and process available seaweeds, will expand to grow kelp on a massive scale. By implementing Dr. von Herzen’s ideas on just 2% of the worlds’ ocean surface we will draw down enough CO2 to offset humanities’ yearly emissions. We are marketing seaweed extracts to the agricultural industry as organic fertilizers and biostimulants. We will be further exploring markets including bioplastics, carbon fiber, alginates, nutraceuticals, building materials and fibrous products.