We plant trees with heavy-lift drone swarms.

    11-50 employeesForestry
Professionals know that nursery suppliers lack capacity to reforest after sizeable wildfires — especially repeat fires. That's why we've invented a proprietary seed vessel that boosts survival rates. Now there is a a go-to contingency plan to quickly restore thousands of acres of wildfire ravaged land starting in 30 days. ​ ​We understand that forestry is complicated. Sometimes you need tree-planters, sometimes you need helicopters. DroneSeed is the sweet spot in-between. Keep the speed, boost the survival of seed, and do it affordably and at scale. We load thousands of seed vessels at a time into our FAA heavy-lift certified drone swarms, each aircraft planting 3/4 of an acre per flight, or 57lbs. We're a team of silviculturists: nursery managers, foresters, ecologists, biologists, and engineers. We love the data, theory, and the hands-on work necessary to grow forests. We understand land owner objectives. We work with 3 of the 5 largest timber companies in the world and The Nature Conservancy. Our customers trust us on-site to do our work independently, safely, in compliance, and on time.