Renewable on-site nitrogen fertilizer production

Nitricity produces ready-to-use nitrogen with only air, water, and renewable electricity. Today, the global supply of fertilizer is fueled by coal and natural gas and travels through a complex supply chain to farms around the world. Fertilizer distribution is a hazardous and expensive process involving substantial storage and transportation infrastructure that stretches over thousands of miles. As a result, fertilizer costs are inflated and farmers are often forced to make decisions based on prices rather than plants. Furthermore, entrenched supply chains often miss developing economies, so nitrogen is not available where it is often needed most. Nitricity produces nitrogen fertilizer directly at the point of use. Our technology has the potential to produce cost-effective fertilizer for environmentally conscious farms, as well as for developing markets outside of traditional supply chain infrastructure. Removing the long supply chain allows farmers to apply fertilizers when their fields are ready, reducing wasteful runoff and maximizing nitrogen delivery anywhere in the world.