Plume Labs

We build personal devices and apps that help you mesure your exposure, plan your journeys and activities, improve your home and workplace, and persuade decision makers.

At Plume Labs, our mission is to find clean air for everyone. Operating out of Paris and New York, we help urban citizens reduce their exposure to air pollution with award-winning technologies in the fields of artificial intelligence, data sciences, and air quality sensing. As air quality varies from street to street and by the hour, it’s critical to forecast it with the greatest accuracy and spatial resolution. Our AI-powered environmental data platform (the Plume API) combines machine learning algorithms and atmospheric models to provide real-time global air quality levels and hourly forecasts. It's already helping businesses across multiple industries like cosmetics, healthcare, news, real estate, etc., as well as researchers and NGOs, to build solutions that help people breathe better. Our platform is the first hardware-enabled environmental API, thanks to hyperlocal data from Flow, our personal air pollution sensor. By measuring pollutants that matter to our health, Flow helps urban citizens monitor their exposure and map air pollution in real-time across their city. AIR by Plume Labs reveals pollution peaks and fresh air moments throughout your day and throughout the world. Right on your phone, and as easy as checking the weather.