Shockwave Motors

We make e-mobility cool by providing high performance, three-wheeled, three-passenger, all-electric commuter vehicles that are convenient, pollution free, economical, safe, affordable, and just plain fun to drive!

From Shockwave Motors, the Defiant EV3 Electric Roadster is a hardtop/convertible seating three people. The battery is strategically located to allow easy access and provides an ultralow center of gravity for superior stability. The roadster has a single charge range of about 100 miles (standard battery pack). It is almost 2X as efficient as a Nissan Leaf. It recharges from a simple 120-volt outlet in approximately 8 hours, whether at home or work, providing a daily range of about 200 miles – all this, for less than the average price of a used vehicle! Future Products: 2 person pickup, 4 person car, & Auxiliary Power Trailer.