Singularity Energy

Grid Carbon Data, Intelligence, App

Singularity is a Harvard spinoff building data-driven tech solutions to enable meaningful actions to reduce grid emissions. We provide easy access to transparent grid carbon data, intelligence, and app, empowering individuals, organizations, and policy makers to better track, understand, and optimize grid emissions. Leveraging the newly available real-time data and state-of-the-art machine learning/AI techniques, we're inventing novel and practical approaches to visualize, learn, and co-optimize real-time energy usage and carbon footprints. Our solution will bring real-time visibility of energy and sustainability data with increased transparency, enable proactive energy/carbon monitoring and co-optimization, and provide better impact engagement. We are a group of passionate smart grid researchers/engineers and experienced energy/IoT industry veterans. Leveraging technology developed at Harvard University, the team aims to commercialize next-generation, real-time data-driven energy + sustainability management technologies.