Unpopular VCs

Unpopular Ventures is dedicated to the entrepreneurs who are proud to be unpopular

To be extremely successful at just about anything - especially entrepreneurship - you have to pursue opportunities that most people initially disagree with. But we humans are wired to seek approval, to want to be popular. And that is precisely why so few of us are successful entrepreneurs. To build a massively successful business - you have to be comfortable with being unpopular. You have to go where no one else goes, to make decisions that some people don't like, and to push forward with conviction even when there's no one to cheer you on. Unpopular Ventures is dedicated to the entrepreneurs who are proud to be unpopular. We love opportunities that are off the beaten path, particularly when they are led by outstanding teams who have discovered something surprising. Our favorite companies are the ones with ideas that seem easy to dismiss, and yet there is a hidden, under-served group of customers who absolutely love them. We have invested >$9 M across 29 companies since we started in early 2019. We are proud to be investors in: Airlift (daily transportation in Pakistan) Almanac ("GitHub for non-engineers") Belvo (Open Banking API Platform in LatAm) Billpocket (mobile payments in LatAm) Blissway (the future of highway traffic management) CurlMix (hair products for women with curly hair) Curtsy (buy and sell clothes from your phone) Fatherly (the leading digital lifestyle brand for today's Dads) Friended (always someone to talk to) Gallant Pet (stem cells for pets) Glidian (healthcare tech, simplifying prior authorizations) Hint Health (Leading OS for Direct Primary Care) Interviewing.io (interviewing platform for SW engineers) Jumpcut (school for digital small business entrepreneurship) Kiwibot (urban delivery robots) Kyte (push button, rental car is delivered to your door) Oxtale (cook authentic ethnic food at home) Picap (motorcycle ride hail in LatAm) Rinse (the first national clothing care brand) Sniffspot (rent out your back yard as a private dog park) Sleek (waiting in line, reinvented) The Juggernaut (media company focused on global South Asians) Thryve (personalized microbiome health) VanGo ("Uber for kids") Yassir (leading super app in Francophone Africa) 4Degrees (professional networks 2.0) HAVE COURAGE. THINK DIFFERENTLY. BE UNPOPULAR.