ZOLA Electric

We’re on a mission to make clean, affordable, reliable 24 hour power accessible for anyone, anywhere 🌞🔋⚡️

ZOLA Electric was founded in 2012 with a mission to make clean, reliable, affordable energy available to all. More than one billion people worldwide have no access to electricity — a number larger than when Edison powered his first light bulb. Another billion people cannot rely on their electrical supply, with voltage spikes and long power outages disrupting their businesses and lives. ZOLA builds beautiful, reliable solar and storage power systems specifically designed to work where there is no access to grid electricity and with unreliable grids. These systems enable our customers to generate, store and manage their own 24-hour power supply, letting them become independent of unreliable power grids and dirty backup generators. ZOLA’s systems are modular and scalable, allowing customers to solve any power problem, anywhere. ZOLA’s solution combines revolutionary technology with an equally revolutionary business model. Pre-pay financing is built into all of ZOLA’s energy systems, allowing our customers to buy them over time with money they earn. Just as the mobile phone allowed emerging markets to leapfrog landlines, ZOLA enables our customers to leapfrog the electric grid.