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Accio EnergyAccio Energy is making distributed wind energy systems scalable, reliable, and affordable with Aerovoltaic energy systems that directly

Advanced Microgrid SolutionsAdvanced Intelligence for Energy Markets

AirthiumAirthium makes low cost, zero emission, 30kW+ Thermodynamic energy storage systems, as well as high efficiency diesel generators

Algonquin Power & UtilitiesSustaining energy and water for life.

American WindAmerican Wind challenges the traditional wind turbine market and power generations technologies. We have developed a unique micro wind turbine with enhanced power generation capabilities, to be created at less cost and utilizing newer manufacturing technologies. We are challenging the way new technology can be used and enhancing old technologies to expand their capabilities.

AngazaAngaza's technology platform allows manufacturers and distributors to make energy products affordable to 1 billion off-grid consumers.

Arcadia PowerWe believe that homeowners and renters are long overdue for a new approach to energy — one that puts them first.

Aurora SolarPowerful solar sales and design software for installers—slashing the solar industry's soft costs.

AutoGridLead into the New Energy World

BrightBright provides universal and equitable access to solar energy for Mexican families, allowing them to make a change to a sustainable and innovative lifestyle. A Bright solar subscription provides customers a fixed monthly rate to clean energy without risks or initial investment.

BulbMaking energy simpler, cheaper, and greener

CamusOrchestration for the zero carbon grid

Centrica Business SolutionsWe help organizations around the world tackle their biggest challenges in the most responsible way by unlocking the power of distributed energy.

Charm IndustrialCharm’s mission is to return the atmosphere to 280 ppm CO2 profitably.

Commonwealth Fusion SystemsThe surest path to limitless, clean, fusion energy

Dandelion EnergyHeating and cooling, reimagined.

DiscovergySmart metering and solutions

ElectronBuilding digital infrastructure for the energy sector

EnapterWe manufacture AEM Electrolysers for cost effective onsite green Hydrogen production.

Energy VaultEnabling A Renewable World

Envision SolarDrive on Sunshine -

Evolve EnergyEvolve saves consumers up to 40% on their energy costs through AI and IOT

Fervo EnergyFervo Energy is an enhanced geothermal startup.

First SolarFirst Solar manufactures thin film photovoltaic modules and provides PV power plants and supporting services.

GeliGeli’s end-to-end software platform streamlines the energy storage development process, offering the industry’s only solution for design, automation, and management.

Geli EnergyGeli develops software to integrate, network, and economically operate energy storage systems.

GridCureGridCure provides modular smart grid SaaS solutions that empower utilities to optimize their operations and customer service.

HeliogenHeliogen is a clean energy company focused on eliminating the need for fossil fuels.

HOMER EnergyMicrogrid Decisions Simplified.

HST SolarHST Solar Farms Inc. is a clean energy network provider that develops a web-based Power Purchase Agreement platform to allow companies to directly contract with utility scale clean energy projects.

iMicrobes Making greener, lower cost materials from renewable methane

InveniaInvenia’s Energy Intelligence System is a cloud-based machine learning platform that uses big, high frequency data to solve complex problems in real time.

Kairos AerospaceOur transformative technology identifies the largest methane leaks for oil & gas companies.

KevalaKevala is accelerating a clean energy future by making energy-related data more meaningful, transparent and accessible.

LeapLeap. One interface to the global energy markets.

LightSail energyLightSail Energy develops breakthrough, high efficiency energy storage systems using compressed air.

LorentzThe Solar Water Pumping Company

MakaniCreating kites that efficiently harness energy from the wind to advance global adoption of renewable energy.

MaltaMalta is working on the future of energy storage

Mosaic MaterialsMosaic Materials is dedicated to reducing the costs and environmental impact of fossil fuels.

Myst AIHighly Accurate Time Series Forecasting for Energy Companies

New Energy RiskNew Energy Risk (NER) helps insure technical risk for breakthrough technologies to optimize cost of capital and accelerate time to market.

OhmConnectOhmconnect provides home energy management solutions via smart meter analytics and energy market integration.

Okra SolarPlug-and-Play Smart Grids

OVO EnergyJoin us on a journey to zero carbon.

Pronoia EnergyPronoia, Inc. is developing a novel battery that functions without electrolyte and separator, and is not only be rechargeable, but also will have minimal capacity loss with continued cycling.

Quidnet EnergyQuidnet Energy is a technology-driven energy company powering the carbon-free electric grid

Rebellion PhotonicsRebellion Photonics is an innovative award-winning company that is a leader in providing spectral imaging solutions.

SenseThe Sense Energy Monitor provides insights into home energy use through intuitive apps for iOS, Android, and the web.

Siemens GamesaSiemens Gamesa is a global technology leader in the renewable energy industry - specifically in the development, manufacturing, installation and maintenance of wind turbines.

Sierra EnergySierra Energy is a technology that turns trash into energy without burning.

Sila NanotechnologiesMaterials that set a new standard for batteries.

Simpliphi PowerSimpliphi designs, builds and sells a portfolio of non-toxic, efficient, energy dense storage and management systems that seamlessly integrate renewable energy in conjunction with or independent of the grid.

SkySailsGreen Energy Solutions

SolPadSolar + Battery Storage + Intelligent Energy Management

Som EnergiaNon-profit consumer cooperative producing and supplying renewable energy to its members.

SpanIntelligent hardware and software for the distributed grid.

SunfireRenewables Everywhere

SunfoldingFueling the future of smart solar.

SunlabobA Laos-based company specializing in renewable energy and clean water solutions throughout the developing world.

SunpowerSunPower designs, manufactures and delivers the planet's most powerful solar technology broadly available today.

TAE TechnologiesTAE Technologies is leveraging proprietary science and engineering to tackle the world’s biggest challenges.

The Mobility HouseCreating a zero-emission energy and mobility future

ThorconDeveloper of liquid fuel fission power plants to generate reliable, emission-free, ample electric power.

Transview LogisticsTransview pairs decades of boots-on-the-ground industry experience with modern, progressive software development to deliver intuitive and sophisticated solutions for distribution centers. Our clients rely on us to deploy and manage enterprise-level solutions tailored to their business needs. We deliver the tools your business needs to that you can focus on transforming it. Welcome to your business.

Ubiquitous EnergyUbiquitous Energy has developed a transparent coating that enables any surface to convert ambient light into useful electricity.

UplightThe new leader in delivering a modern customer energy experience and accelerating the clean energy ecosystem.

Uprise EnergyWorlds first commercially sized mobile wind turbines.

Verdigris TechnologiesWireless energy sensor networks for C&I. Advanced monitoring and analytics. Adaptive and autonomous controls.

VoltusLess Energy, More Cash

We Care SolarWE CARE Solar designs portable, cost-effective solar suitcases that power critical lighting and medical devices.

Weave GridInnovating at the intersection of electric transportation and the grid

ZOLA ElectricWe’re on a mission to make clean, affordable, reliable 24 hour power accessible for anyone, anywhere 🌞🔋⚡️

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