Food & Agriculture


80 Acres FarmsCreating a better world through growing food differently.

abillionvegA healthier, happier planet for all.

AerofarmsFarming Locally. Globally.

AfreshAfresh is the Fresh-first supply chain company--uses cutting-edge A.

AgricoolAgricool grows and produces fruits and vegetables inside shipping containers.

AgriviProviding solutions to feed the world through powerful farm management software

Air ProteinWe are on a mission to feed the world with healthy, delicious foods made from the most sustainable source of protein.

Alesca LifeAlesca Life builds indoor farms and farm management software to make food production more localized and data driven.

Apeel SciencesWorking with nature to improve access to quality produce and fight food waste.

Apis ProtectApisProtect provides real-time hive monitoring powered by intelligent #sensor #technology.

Atlas AIData that unleashes human potential and drives sustainable development.

Atomo Molecular CoffeeWorld’s first “molecular coffee,” created without beans

AzaveaAdvanced geospatial technology and research for civic and social impact

BeeflowIncreasing crop yields by applying scientific knowledge to Bee Pollination.

BeeHeroPollinate and Prosper

Bellwether CoffeeOne of the fastest-growing tech companies in the coffee industry.

Beta HatchA company industrializing the production of insects as a sustainable protein for animal feed.

Better NatureProtein, the better way.

Bitty FoodsA traditional Mexican snack

Blue Ocean BarnsBlue Oceans Barns feeds seaweed to cows for a cooler Earth: it processes and markets an emissions-eliminating additive.

Bowery FarmingBowery is growing food for a better future by revolutionizing agriculture.

BrightfarmsGrown for Locals

Catalina Sea RanchThe First Offshore Aquaculture Facility In U.

Clara FoodsCreating the cleaner, better, and kinder proteins of tomorrow, today 🥚

CopiaCopia’s technology allows businesses to safely donate their excess food, access tax deductions & track food waste data.

Dock to DishDock to Dish programs connect small-scale fisheries to their nearest regional communities in sustainable seafood sourcing cooperatives.

EconicEconic - World First High-Barrier, Home Compostable packaging for Coffee, and other dry goods.

EcozenEcozen is a technology company enabling Farm-To-Fork value chain for perishables.

eFisheryIndonesia-based Aquaculture Intelligence Company

EM3 AgriServicesEM3 represents one of the first private sector ventures to tackle the field of farm mechanization and technology services.

Emergy FoodOur brand Meati Foods, is launching the next generation of sustainable, nutritious, plant-based protein.

EnerGaiaEnerGaia specializes in producing fresh and sustainable algae products.

EsokoEmpowering organizations with innovative technology and services to improve how market value chains work

Farm DogTo help growers increase yields, reduce pesticide costs, and continue to be good environmental stewards

Farm OneFarm.One is a high-tech vertical farm in New York, growing rare herbs, edible flowers and microgreens for Michelin-starred chefs.

FarmdropCarefully curated, sustainably sourced groceries, delivered.

Fifth Season FreshFifth Season is a robotic indoor vertical farming company using automation and analytics to transform modern agriculture.

Finless FoodsFinless Foods is an early-stage biotechnology company that is making fish meat out of stem cells.

FoodcloudWe are a social enterprise matching businesses with surplus food to local charities and community groups.

Freight FarmsFreight Farms’ agricultural products and services enable on-site commercial food production anywhere in the world.

GikiA mobile app to help you get informed about the products you buy and the companies you buy from.

Good AlgaeSeaweed/Algea for methane reduction in livestock.

Good Food InstituteWe work with scientists, investors, and entrepreneurs to make groundbreaking good food a reality.

Gotham GreensGotham Greens designs, builds, and operates commercial scale greenhouse facilities in urban areas for fresh vegetable production.

GreeneaseFarm-to-table dining at your finger tips

GreenwaveWe are Ocean Farmers creating jobs and protecting the planet

Growing UndergroundAgricultural revolution 100ft under London in WW2 Air Raid Tunnels.

GrowUp Urban FarmsGrowing sustainable, high-quality salad leaves in a completely controlled environment for the retail and wholesale market

Healthy BeesStronger Bees, Healthier Hives - The All-Natural Way

HISBEHISBE is reinventing the way supermarkets do business, in order to transform the food industry.

Impossible FoodsMakers of meat from plant. Eat meat.

Indigo AgHarnessing nature to help farmers sustainably feed the planet

InfarmWe are the infarmers and your neighbourhood is our farm

Iron OxIron Ox develops robotic farms for better produce, everywhere.

JUSTConsumer company focused on essential commodity needs, health and well-being products and utility conservation.

KatifAutonomous, robotic and vertical farms for Cannabis and leafy greens

Know Eat AlliOS App. Helping people build healthier, more sustainable eating habits through personalized nutrition.

LeafLawrencedale Agro Processing is an end-to-end service provider in the fruit and vegetable industry.

Love The WildLove The Wild is create exciting dinner solutions that are not only delicious, nutritious, and ecologically responsible.

MeatableWe're pioneering a way to produce real, tasty meat without harming animals or the planet.

Memphis MeatsReal meat. No compromise.™ At Memphis Meats, we're producing real, delicious meat from animal cells.

Mission BarnsA better way to make meat.

Mobile CooksOur mission is to empower chefs, support local suppliers and feed the world delicious and personal vegan food

MotifReshaping the landscape of food through science and technology so that everyone can enjoy Better Food Experiences.

OddboxLondon's only sustainable fruit & veg box subscription service that rescues surplus produce directly from farms.

olombriaOlombria is an agricultural technology that curates fly behaviour, to increase pollination and ensure greater crop yields.

OSBeehivesOS Beehives is IoT sensors and software platform for beekeepers.

Perfect DayMaking protein with the magic of flora - that's Dairy Made Perfect.

PhytoponicsPhytoponics is the revolutionary patent pending hydroponics growing system that is going to transform commercial agriculture.

Pivot BioImproving the outcomes of farmers and the health of our planet

PlentyIndoor vertical farmers on a mission to bring the freshest, cleanest, most craveable produce to people everywhere.

PollenityWe are introducing unprecedented monitoring capabilities for the beekeepers.

PoriferaConcentrating Value

PraktiPrakti stoves save money by reducing fuel costs.

ProtixFor food in balance with nature

Regen NetworkWe build open tools that facilitate ecological regeneration

RensWorld's First Sneaker Made From Coffee #coffeesneaker #rensoriginal GET THEM NOW FROM THE LINK BELOW

Savanna InstituteLaying the groundwork for widespread agroforestry in the Midwest

Seawater SolutionsPromoting climate resilience in agriculture.

Seed & RoeThe Future of Farming. Follow us on Instagram for stunning photos of our progress.

ShiruShiru creates enhanced proteins by leveraging computational design to feed the world sustainably.

Soil AssociationThe Soil Association Charity was formed in 1946 to pioneer a better world – one where we can all farm, eat and live healthily in balance with the environment.

Solar FoodsWe are introducing a game-changing natural protein for the global food industry.

Square rootsA tech-enabled urban farming company growing local, real food and training next-gen leaders in urban agriculture.

Stony Creek ColorsColor with Life! Clean, traceable, plant-derived colors for the textile industry and beyond, grown and processed in TN.

Sustainable BioproductsBuilding the future of food with nature's technology

TerrameraWe use technology to unlock the intelligence in nature to ensure an earth that thrives and provides for everyone.

TerVivaGrowing the world’s most scalable, cost-effective and environmentally friendly source of oil and protein.

The Jackfruit CoThe Jackfruit Company (TJC) is the producing convenient, whole food, plant-based products.

The Vegetarian ButcherHacking your meat favourites with true Butcher's craftmanship.

TrapticBuilding giant farming robots to save the world's food production system from a critical labor shortage

Upstream TechPowering smart conservation on a changing planet

Veterans' GreenhouseOur organization's mission is to uplift our homeless and unemployed veterans while simultaneously making changes to how our agricultural industry functions.

XpertSeaOur AI-driven data management platform offers real-time insights making aquaculture more efficient and sustainable.

YumeThe first Australian online marketplace for high quality excess food.

ZumeZume is engineering the world’s transition to a more efficient and sustainable food future.