350.orgWe're an international movement of ordinary people working to end the age of fossil fuels and build a world of community

Better Place ForestsAmerica's first conservation spreading forests for people who choose cremation.

bezerobezero makes an impact & offers a solution to avoid, reduce & compensate CO2 now.

Blue PlanetSolving the carbon capture problem by converting CO2 into high-value building materials

CarbfixCarbFix captures CO2 and turns it into stone underground in less than two years through proprietary technology.

Carbo CultureHacking the carbon cycle

Carbon Capture MachineTechnology for carbon emission reduction that profitably converts waste carbon dioxide into useful materials

Carbon CodexCascadia Carbon provides tech-enabled tools to help individuals fight climate change

Carbon EngineeringLeading the commercialization of Direct Air Capture technology that removes carbon dioxide directly from the air.

Carbon Trade eXchangeThe World's First Electronic Exchange for Voluntary Carbon Credits - Transparent, wholesale access to Carbon Markets

Carbon ZeroCarbonzero helps transform organizations by aiding them in assessing, reporting, and reducing their emissions.

Cascadia CarbonAn automated personal transportation carbon emissions calculator app

Circular Carbon NetworkCircular Carbon Network is helping build the most important sector of the 21st century -transforming waste CO2 into a valuable, sustainable resource for society

Climate CareWith over 150 years’ collective experience in the global carbon markets and climate change sector, we make a real difference for the world.

Climate NeutralClimate Neutral helps companies clean up their carbon by measuring, reducing, and offsetting their entire footprint.

ClimeworksWe stop climate change from reaching dangerous levels by removing CO2 from the air and storing it underground.

Community Cloud Forest ConservationCommunity Cloud Forest Conservation alleviates poverty and protects forests through education, reforestation, sustainable development, leadership training, and ecological improvements to agriculture.

CompensateNonprofit on a mission to combat climate change by offering people ways to offset the emissions of everyday life.

Dendra SystemsAutomation and Intelligence for the Natural World

DroneseedWe plant trees with heavy-lift drone swarms.

Econic TechnologiesOur catalyst technologies enable the use of captured CO₂ to make better plastics, at lower cost, more sustainably.

EcoSecuritiesEcoSecurities specialises in sourcing, developing and financing projects with a positive environmental impact.

EcosiaThe search engine that plants trees.

Eden Reforestation ProjectsEden Reforestation Projects is a nonprofit that plants millions of trees every year on the behalf of donors, businesses, and foundations.

EmitwiseAccelerating the change towards carbon neutrality

Environmental Defense FundEnvironmental Defense Fund is where policymakers and business leaders turn for win-win solutions.

Frost Methane LabsFighting runaway climate change

Global Fishing WatchSustainability through transparency in global fishing activity

Global ThermostatThe carbon negative solution

GloboGlobo helps you go carbon neutral and reduce your carbon footprint.

GoClimateNeutralWe support UN certified climate offset projects and highlight easy ways to reduce your climate footprint.

Helsinki FoundationHelsinki Foundation is a global initiative to make land conservation possbile for everyone.

Impossible DiamondDiamonds from thin air.

Joro AppBuilding an app and a community that empowers people to track and improve their carbon footprints, seeing small steps add up to big impact

KiverdiKiverdi was founded with a mission to commercialize supply chain solutions that address climate change.

KoosloodusKoosloodus is a new nature conservancy foundation to help save Estonian nature.

LanzaTechRecycling Carbon for a Cleaner Tomorrow

Made of AirConverting CO2 into materials for the built environment

Nature CoatingsNature Coatings transforms wood waste into high performing black pigments.

Net Positive Project Helping business put back more than it takes out.

NoriNori is a carbon removal marketplace based in Seattle, Washington. is a software company

Not My Fault EarthCalculate and offset your CO2 emissions.

NovoNutrientsNovoNutrients is a fundamentally new way to make the building blocks of food, using natural microbes to break down molecules and reassemble them into lowest-cost feed and food ingredients.

Ocean-Based Climate SolutionsOcean-based Climate Solutions, Inc.

Offset EarthOffset Earth is a subscription service to help you lower your impact on the climate 🌱

OffsetraOnly 2% of the carbon market is driven by consumers.

Opus 12A profitable solution to carbon emissions.

OutlandWe have planted 1.5 billion trees in Canada since 1985.

PachamaRestoring the forests to solve climate change.

PawprintYour eco companion to measure, understand and reduce your carbon footprint.

Plan AGet your carbon under control. Measure how you impact.

Plan VivoThe Plan Vivo Standard provides a support framework for smallholders and rural communities, principally in the developing world, to manage their natural resources more sustainably.

Project VestaGreen sand that saves the planet.

PrometheusWe remove carbon dioxide from the air and turn it into gasoline and Jet fuel.

Reforest NowWe grow and plant trees in Australia to protect, conserve, and regenerate forests.

SilviaTerraLeaders in forest inventory and biometrics.

South PoleLeading global project & climate solutions developer working on #ClimateActionForAll

TakacharTakachar creates a network of waste management enterprises in Kenya that turn unmanaged agricultural residues into charcoal, a low-cost, non-toxic, and eco-friendly cooking fuel for low-income households.

Tech Green PledgeWe pledge to make our companies climate neutral by 2030

TerrapassTerrapass uses carbon credits to help finance greenhouse gas reduction and renewable energy projects around the US.

The Gold StandardGold Standard for the Global Goals sets the standard for climate and development interventions to quantify, certify and maximise their impact.

TISTTIST is an innovative and time-tested afforestation program led by the participants.

TomorrowTomorrow builds tech products to empower organisations and people to understand and reduce their carbon footprint.

Trillion Tree CampaignPlant with us! The Plant-for-the-Planet Web-App presents Tree Planting Organizations from all over the world.

VerraStandards for a Sustainable Future

Woodland TrustWe want to see a UK rich in native woods and trees, for people and wildlife.

Woods Hole Research CenterScientists studying climate change and how to solve it, from the Amazon to the Arctic.

WrenErase your carbon footprint • Wren helps you live carbon neutral by accounting for and offsetting your CO2 emissions.